MARK BRAUS MEDIA (MBM) not only manages its own media projects but also provides consulting and media services to organizations.

MARK BRAUS MEDIA receives from its customers' various information, including commercial ones, publicly declares that it appreciates the trust of clients and treats the information received from them with all possible measures. Any information received by the company from clients, if it is commercial, that is, characterizes the commercial aspects of the activities of clients, is collected by the company in order to fulfill the obligations of the company for their service in the framework of contractual relations and to fulfill the mutual obligations under the relevant agreements .

The information that receives by MARK BRAUS MEDIA from customers:

• The information provided when filling in the request forms is stored in special databases and is used to send such information to the users of the company's information if previously such a wish was unambiguously expressed. By obtaining this information from clients, MBM has in mind that this information is provided voluntarily and in the light of this statement.
• The information obtained when filling out the questionnaires is used only when dealing with clients provided and under no circumstances* may be transferred to third parties without the consent of the client. MBM claims that inside this information has access to a limited number of employees, whose responsibilities include analysis and processing of such information in order to formulate proposals for the client.
• The information received from the client during the development of the project, as well as any materials and documents developed in the interests of the client under the relevant agreements, under no circumstances * cannot be published or transferred to third parties without the consent of the client.

WARNING! Information about a region, industry or market that is collected in the course of research in the interest of the client in the development of a project that falls within the scope of the MBM may be used at the discretion of the MBM, and without any restrictions, except for cases of limitation of obligations under relevant agreements.

* Except as provided by the laws of the state in whose territory the offices of the company are located, where this information accumulates.

Access to the text of this Application

This Application is a publicly accessible document, its current editorial content is permanently posted on MARK BRAUS web resources at and is not restricted in any way. MARK BRAUS reserves the right to make changes to the current version of the Statement and to publish a new version of the Statement 10 days after the information about the upcoming editing of the above-mentioned Internet address has been posted.