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Mark Braus Media publishes educational books and videos under the MARK brand, useful for teaching, learning, and research. In addition, Mark Braus Media develops public media such as DUMKA.TV, as well as subscription media services for organizations.

Mark Braus Media publishes educational books and videos under the MARK brand, useful for teaching, learning, and research. In addition, Mark Braus Media develops public media such as DUMKA.TV, as well as subscription media services for organizations.

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Our educational project is based on the hypothesis “On the crisis of overproduction of mental content” developed by us. In other words, we call it “Mental collapse.” The problem is that the number of mental products is growing exponentially. Naturally, it grows with population growth. The mental product does not cease to exist after its use. It integrates, in other words, accumulates from generation to generation. The ability to create a mental product for a modern person is greatly expanded due to computer technologies, while the consumer is always the same - this is the human mind.
Perhaps we have already crossed the line beyond which even a part of the highest quality canonical content cannot be consumed by the human mind during its entire life. In this case, a separate individual no longer cares that the new content is being produced - this new content is inaccessible as if it does not exist at all. Of course, it will be possible to read the books of modern authors, but at the same time, the higher-quality mental product of the predecessors may be missed.
We also believe that with the growing share of mental labor in the economy, the personal capacity of the majority of the population to consume a mental product that is not associated with professional activities is reduced. A mind needs rest.
All this confirms that the conjuncture in the market of the mental product against the producer, and the choice of the consumer is difficult.
We decided that in such a situation it would be more correct to focus on helping the consumer with his choice instead of producing new content. This is where we see our main mission. We see that in modern digital libraries there are books, but no librarians. We understand that we need to focus only on a certain part of mental products in order to achieve the desired. In our case, it will be freely distributed knowledge. It is precisely the facilitation of access to knowledge that we consider the most important task. This is where the educational media project came into being, in which we applied three ideas that, in our opinion, can help consumers with a choice.


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Our first Mark-Idea is that it will be easier for a person in the information space to navigate if information related to different areas will be marked with colored markers as if these are real color bookmarks for books. Since the human eye clearly distinguishes the seven colors of the rainbow, we decided that we would use seven colors, and they would coincide with the usual bright colors of bookmark markers for books. We created our Color-code by assigning seven marker colors to seven main areas of interest.


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The second idea is to structure knowledge by a sphere of interest projected from the individual. From the closest and most sensitive areas to its broad interests. We have identified seven areas and tried to cover everything that might be interesting to most people. Spheres not only have their own colors, but also a clear order. Their sequence is determined by the sequence of colors of the rainbow. The order is determined by the degree of closeness for an individual, and it is rather not a sequence, but an extension of each subsequent sphere to new limits. The first - the most important sphere - is life and safety. The second sphere is health and physical education. The third sphere is relationships and mutual understanding. The fourth sphere is the economic and business area. The fifth sphere is society and politics. The sixth sphere is science and technology. The seventh sphere, the widest one, is art and culture. For most people, spheres of interest have such a sequence, but, of course, not for everyone.


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Our third idea is that the depth of immersion in each of the areas should be different for different situations and have several levels, namely, three. Starting from the level of general education, then to the depth of the professional level, and finally to the depth of the expert level.
For each area of ​interest, we have identified the TOP10 and TOP100 topics for general and professional levels. In the future, we plan to determine TOP1000 topics for each of the seven areas.
We started with the TOP10 project, and we are preparing for the electronic publication the first book in the MarkTexts series, which will contain seventy chapters. Ten most important topics for each of the seven spheres. At the same time, we shoot a video for each such topic. Following this, we plan to publish seven e-books of the TOP100 series, each of which will contain one hundred chapters. And the first 10 chapters in each of the books will repeat the content of the book of the project TOP10. Accordingly, it will be 630 new topics. Then it will be time to take on TOP1000 topics, but for now, we do not have a clear idea of ​​how to cope with this level. We may need support.


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Educational books

The project provides free access to read electronic versions of our TOP10 MARKTEXTS to everyone.

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Educational videos

The project provides licensed access to video educational projects and institutions for their use in the educational process.

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Education portal

The project provides limited access to read books and view our educational subscription video.

Our educational resources at the TOP10 level are open educational resources of the UNESCO Global Open Educational Resources (OER) format. They are freely available texts, media and other digital assets useful for teaching, learning, and evaluation, as well as for research purposes.

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UNESCO Global Open Educational Resources Logo


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Educational entertainment

The channel is currently under development and testing.


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We have created 12 marketing media services that allow an organization to form its own information field and fill it with content. Although each service is autonomous and can be used by itself, sharing services is most effective. Each of the three services performs a different function, and together they provide the necessary “three touches” with the audience. These are outsourcing services that enable an organization to carry out its core business, rather than build up its media infrastructure and competencies for a marketing project that does not imply monetisation of a media product. At the same time, an organization can immediately operate with professional content congruent to its level.

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You can get acquainted with the services in more detail on the site IIn addition to information on each individual service, the site also has a section dedicated to an integrated media program. If necessary, a complex media program can be created, which will be built as a combination of several different services.


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Digital production studio

NARDANS studio - this is our creative studio, ensures the production of animations, photos and videos as well as graphic and web design for MARKBRAUS MEDIA projects.


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MARK BRAUS MEDIA is located in Kiev, in the central part of the city. We are located only 10 minutes from the metro Lukyanivka, at the intersection of Sichovyh Striltsev and Chornovil Street, which is convenient for clients.
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